Tacho Jewelry Studio

Tacho Jewelry Studio

Artistic Jewelry Designs
By Appointment Only
Phone: 559-803-5887


Custom Work

  • 18k Gold
  • 14k Gold
  • 10k Gold
  • 925 Silver
  • Turquoise

Other Services

  • Repairs
  • Full Service Jeweler
  • Jewelry Classes
  • AM and PM Classes


About Me

I'm Tacho Martinez a jeweler from Fresno, California I have a studio in the Tower District, the heart of Fresno. I have been making jewelry and repairing for about 45 years and now that I've been retired for about 8 years but now due to this Covid-19 I have come out of retirement to teach workshops to share my knowledge.

My skills include making one of a kind jewelry pieces and now I will be selling my jewelry on-line in my shop (here). I sell my jewelry at street fairs and swap meets also .

Tacho in the Jewelry Studio

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